Bedtime story

A bedtime story is a traditional form of storytelling, where a story is told to a child at bedtime to prepare the child for sleep.

Bedtime stories have many advantages, for parents/adults and children alike. The fixed routine of a bedtime story before sleeping has a relaxing effect, and the soothing voice of a person telling a story allows for a calm atmosphere in which the child can fall asleep more easily. The emotional aspect creates a bond between the storyteller and the listener, often a parent and child.

Bedtime stories can be read from a book, or may be invented by the storyteller. The stories tend to be short, with a happy ending. A different form of bedtime reading uses longer stories, but divides them up, thus creating cliffhangers. Children will look forward to their bedtime story, and a fixed routine is installed.

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  • Kids bed time stories – Kids can learn English and enjoy reading lot of moral stories.

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    The Stages Of Getting Ready For A Night Out As A Parent (Even In A Pandemic)

    Huffington Post 08 Aug 2020
    You’re so desperate for your “night off” to begin, it can be tempting to pour yourself a gin at 9am – even though you’re not meeting until at least 8pm, because nobody can get away until after baby bedtime ... You forget you ever had children (for an hour, max, until you get the urge to check to see how bedtime is going)....

    Bored at home? Listen to your favourite stories online

    Deccan Herald 08 Aug 2020
    From days when our grandparents regaled us with stories at bedtime, to our smartphones now taking up that role, the culture of storytelling has come a long way ... The narration is often laced with humour and satirical commentary on contemporary issues, to make the stories more interesting....

    MAILBAG: A bedtime story for 2020

    Lockport Union-Sun 07 Aug 2020
    Woeville is an imaginary place located just outside the reality zone next to Bedlam City. Ruler of Bedlam City Constance Chaos is called upon frequently by Doughboy Snarly of Woeville to set upon various targets inside the reality zone to make sure Constance remains at the top of her game. "chaos." ... BOB FARNHAM, Lockport. ....

    Keep singing

    Korea Times 07 Aug 2020
    By Hyon O'Brien. People often comment on how well, in general, Koreans sing ... I remember singing with my classmates in the classroom all through my primary school days ... Ten years later in 1973, when our first daughter was born, it was natural for me to sing Brahms' lullaby when it was bedtime. This was our ritual after her Father read her a story ... ....

    A Sleep Storyteller Reveals Her Secrets For Drifting Off Naturally

    Time Magazine 06 Aug 2020
    When we were kids, many of us were read to by a grownup–the bedtime story was (and still is) a classic way to get restless children to nod off ... Which is why I began to write special nonfiction bedtime travel stories for adults–the aim being that they would never reach the end ... In my Sleep Stories, each word is chosen carefully....

    Kiwi behind viral poem The Great Realisation brings new research to life with moving poem

    TVNZ 05 Aug 2020
    Tom Foolery, a Kiwi-born poet behind a poem that gained more than 60 million views during lockdown, is back with a moving new work ... Source ... The Great Realisation went global during lockdown, performed as a bedtime story and translated into more than 20 languages ... "And though this story's far from over, the next chapter's yours to write," he ends ... ....

    Empathy: The greatest of skills to impart on the generation to come

    Pressat 05 Aug 2020
    Wednesday 5 August, 2020. Press Release. London, 4th. August 2020. Empathy ... Eighteen weeks later her questions now centre around people’s safety, what the doctors are doing (where do they eat lunch mummy? Do they also have a bedtime story after they help people?) versus when she can go to nursery again and fulfil her own needs ... Practice what you preach....

    Pandemic parody of `Goodnight Moon' to be released in fall

    The Concord Township News-Herald 04 Aug 2020
    Currently self-published, “Good Morning Zoom” takes Margaret Wise Brown's beloved bedtime story and turns it into a narrative about Zoom, bread baking, home schooling and other familiar parts of life during the pandemic.- Advertisement -....

    Teach kids good dental habits with this AR toothbrush that's on sale

    Mashable 04 Aug 2020
    Sure, some kids love parts of it, like choosing a funky outfit to wear or reading a bedtime story, but when it comes to basic hygiene tasks ......

    Guilty Pleasures Aug. 4, 2020

    News-Press Now 04 Aug 2020
    Currently self-published, “Good Morning Zoom” takes Margaret Wise Brown’s beloved bedtime story and turns it into a narrative about Zoom, bread baking, home schooling and other familiar parts of life during the pandemic....

    The Media’s Conspiracy Against the People

    Armstrong Economics 04 Aug 2020
    YouTube moderators, with no medical background to even determine if what is being said true, are censoring doctors who contradict the WHO and Bill Gates ... Those people aged 44 and younger account for only 2.7% of all deaths ...   ... Welcome to the real America where freedom of speech is nothing more than a bedtime story ... ....

    Kiwanis Club heading local bookcase program

    Log Cabin Democrat 04 Aug 2020
    The Conway Kiwanis Club has taken over the Conway Bookcase Project to help ensure Faulkner County children will continue receiving literature for years to come ... The church group purchases children's Bibles and bedtime story books each year for each child selected to participate in the bookcase project ... ....

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